Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Sun Feb 9 20:00:33 EST 2003

johanna at nobrandheroine.net danced around singing:
>Has anyone tried this site lately? It's gone all blank, w/just a broken
>banner at the top & "Harper Collins Publishers" up in the title bar. Or is
>it just a fluke over here for some unearthly reason? Phooey.

It is?  I was at it Saturday, plus again a few minutes ago just to check 
and it does work, but it's full of silly Java/Flash dreck...all pretty 
graphics and almost no content.  They do have a link back to the proper fan 
site, though, which is good as I couldn't remember the link:

I think the fansite is still MUCH better than the silly stuff Harper 
Collins has up.  If they combined it, so the fansite looked nicer and the 
publisher's site had actual content, then that would be neat, but I really 
doubt they'd ever do that.  :^P

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