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Sun Feb 9 19:18:52 EST 2003

> I made a concerted effort with my friend to learn the language, but we
> were  frustrated by a couple of things.

Yikes! How disappointing. How cool that you even got far enough to find
out those things & make up words--cuz I bought the grammar not ever
believing I would get that far.

> Yes, and I had the appalling experience of receiving an email from Elgin
>  about the book when I posted my opinion on the (now defunct, I think)
> Women  SF&F list. Basically, she abandons Laadan in the book. Given that
> the  language is what so many of us liked about the first two, this is a
> major  problem. She told me in the email that she did this because of
> her  disappointment that no-one had picked up her language and used it.
> I  responded by explaining our difficulties, but apparently that just
> wasn't  good enough.

"No one had picked up her language & used it"? Considering the
difficulties--the ones that you pointed out, & also the fact that it's
harder to learn a language when you can't get classes & things in it--wow,
that was kind of nervy. I met her at a con & she seemed kind of peppery.

If you're looking for something like the women sf&f list, you might try
the feminist sf/f & utopia lists, if you haven't already (I'd unsubbed a
couple times in the past, tired of flames & general snottiness, but it
seems to have mostly calmed down):


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