Rude drivers (was Re: tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies))

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Feb 9 15:28:58 EST 2003

--- Robyn Starkey <rohina at> wrote:

> I had to give a lecture on this book when we taught
> it as part of a 
> medievalism course, and I came across a fantastic
> rant about it, which 
> isolated the repetition of the phrase "moon dark
> bleeding" as holding all 
> the faults of the book (bad writing, faulty
> feminism). 

Yes where did this menstruation = moon thing come
from. I assume women in the middle ages could count,
and they would certainly have noticed (if they were
the traditional 28 days) that their periods didn't
coincide with any particular phases of the moon. I
know the english word month comes from moon and the
english word menstruate comes from the latin for month
but I don't think that has anything to do with the


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