Racism (was Re: Hugh Lofting)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 9 14:52:20 EST 2003

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at tassie.net.au> wrote:
> > > You're So Right.... but it's coming. I feel it.
> It
> > > might become a Cult
> > > Classic - or get one excommunicated... shall we
> > > collaborate?
> >
> > Do we start looking at the Bible - or do we draw
> up a
> > list of people we want to offend and work
> backwards.
> Just start looking, I should think... or (worried)
> is that in bad taste? It
> wouldn;t be the *Bible* lampooned, just PCExtreme.

I like the idea, I'm sure I can dowload a copy of the
bible off the net to work from. I'm afraid
excommunication is a distinct possibility - look at
"Monty Python's life of Brian", at least its not the
Koran, I'm too old for a Fatwah. (actually I suspect
that the different reactions to MYLOB and Satanic
Verses goes a long way to explaing September 11)


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