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>ObDWJ...actually not so much, but more on topic.  My pet peeve of >writing 
>styles is when an author uses a phrase so many times it >becomes trite in 
>his/her books

Okay, not that V.C. Andrews was ever a great literary persona. But for the 
past ten years or so any book that has been published under her name was 
actually written by some other writer, since AFAIK she died a decade ago, 
and the editors of these new books apparantly felt that the greatness of 
V.C.Andrews lies precisely in her overuse of particular phrases. Therefore 
the later books that were written under her name out Andrews Andrews.

I went through a phase of reading all her books. I read most of them during 
the Gulf War - or should I say, the *first* Gulf war <shudder> - when all of 
Israel was effectively housebound for several weeks (at the same time my 
mother knit three sweaters which she has never done before or since then). 
One of the books contained a "teaser" promotional chapter of a later book. I 
managed to get hold of the later book, too, so I have two versions of the 
same chapter that can be compared. The editing basically reduced the 
vocabulary by at least 20 percent; for example, since a hallmark of Andrews' 
is that daughters refer to their mother as "Momma", no other possible way of 
expressing maternal connection was permitted in the later books, regardless 
of who the speaker was or even if the word was used in direct or indirect 
speech. Unbelievably, the editing process actually managed to make the 
chapter worse than it had been before - unbelievably because it had been 
pretty awful to begin with.

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