Literary pet peeves

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sun Feb 9 14:32:28 EST 2003

>And, of course, there's the Really Glaring Anachronism. He came home from 
>a business trip once and woke me up at three AM to babble about the 
>complete and utter awfulness of a best-selling historical novel he had 
>bought to read on the plane. I forgave him when he pointed out that it was 
>set in ancient Greece and that in the middle of the book the characters 
>refer to a *blueprint* of some building. (And no, it was not a time-travel 
>novel. It was a Serious Historical Novel that has gathered many good 
>reviews and is recommended reading at West Point to help the students 
>understand classical warfare. Go figure.)

This is one of my pet peeves, too. One of the ones that makes me bite books 
is authors who refer to medieval people using maps to find their way around 
the countryside.


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