Rude drivers (was Re: tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies))

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sun Feb 9 14:30:28 EST 2003

>ObDWJ...actually not so much, but more on topic.  My pet peeve of writing 
>styles is when an author uses a phrase so many times it becomes trite in 
>his/her books -- for instance Piers Anthony almost always refers to hands 
>and feet as upper and lower extremities.  He does this occasionally 
>multiple times on a page.  Or Marion Zimmer Bradley, who, in _Mists of 
>Avalon_ referred to one character as a charicature of another *every time* 
>he entered a room.

I had to give a lecture on this book when we taught it as part of a 
medievalism course, and I came across a fantastic rant about it, which 
isolated the repetition of the phrase "moon dark bleeding" as holding all 
the faults of the book (bad writing, faulty feminism). I agree about the 
annoyingness, but I have to say, as I said to my students who hated it, 
that you have to acknowledge the importance of the book in context. Sure, 
lots of people have done *better* feminist fantasy (Arthurian and other) 
since Bradley, but she was one of the first.


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