Literary pet peeves

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Sun Feb 9 10:59:04 EST 2003

> ObDWJ...actually not so much, but more on topic.  My pet peeve of
> writing styles is when an author uses a phrase so many times it
> becomes trite in his/her books -- for instance Piers Anthony almost
> always refers to hands and feet as upper and lower extremities.  He
> does this occasionally multiple times on a page.  Or Marion Zimmer
> Bradley, who, in _Mists of Avalon_ referred to one character as a
> charicature of another *every time* he entered a room.

Doesn't Mercedes Lackey overuse "damn" & italics a ton? (That last is more
stylistic than a phrase, I know) Maybe not in newer stuff--I haven't read
anything, I think, newer than the Winds trilogy, & none of those
recently--but I remember even in high school (meaning "when I was much
less snarky about authors than I am now" I guess?) that bugged me.


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