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>Different editions of the Bible are different
>translations, not alterations of the original text.
>New translations don't make half the disciples female,
>alter the fate of the children of Ham, have the
>children of Israel opening macdonalds in the cities of
>the plain instead of obliterating them...

Have you seen Veggietales? :-D

They're computer animated cartoons of Bible stories using vegetables as the
characters and including ice-creams as weapons used in the battles for the
Promised Land and stuff. They're quite funny, in all senses of the word

Translations of the Bible are probably actually getting closer to the
original meaning - I was reading about a new translation which makes a big
thing of sticking to the precise wording of the text rather than trying to
give a more comprehensible sense of the meaning, so as to avoid the
translators' interpretations of the meaning being imposed upon the text,
sensibly enough.

Caleb W.

Caleb W.

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