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> In a message dated 2/8/2003 3:46:23 PM Pacific
> Standard Time, Jon Noble 
> writes:
> > Getting back to LOTR the closest other reference
> to a
> > naughty word is in the name of Sam's cousin (?)
> Hal
> > which is Halfast = Half arsed.
> > 
> I've read that theory before, and it has never made
> any sense to me, since 
> Halfast is pronounced Hal-Fast, not Half-Ast, and it
> doesn't seem at all 
> Tolkien's sort of joke (I don't mean because it's
> rude, I mean because the 
> language sounds wrong). I thought half-assed was an
> American expression, 
> anyway, and half-arsed would be pronounced quite
> differently.
I think it deserves to be true even if it isn't. It
was suggested somewhere as one of two jokes in LOTR
(the other was a line to the effect "there'll be a new
king in Rohan, mark me" - both are pretty feeble, but
a book as serious as LOTR needs to have at least one
joke, even the Bible has one deliberate joke (at least
that's my interpretation of Titus 1:12 - I assume this
is the verse that caused on bishop to complain of the
"undue levity in the epistles of St Paul"


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