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Sun Feb 9 01:15:43 EST 2003

> Odd footnote: I have a good friend who is functionally illiterate by my 
> standards (reads about two fiction books a year, both borrowed off my 
> shelves, and a lot of that cleanse-your-aura-with-chanting-and-herbs 
> crap) but very good at analysing books. I can hand her a novel and say 
> "This has all the elements I usually like in a book and the prose isn't 
> unwieldy, why don't I like it?" and she can read about three chapters 
> and put her finger not only on A problem with the book, but with THE 
> problem that's bothering me.
> She should have been an editor.
> - -- 
> Margaret Ball
Margaret, what, if anything, does she say about David Eddings?  I have never 
been able to explain why his books make me ill after awhile.  I like high 
fantasy, humor, characters that develop a bit.....

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