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christian nutt ferricide at
Sat Feb 8 22:10:38 EST 2003

>Anyway, the rest of them hated it, and couldn't discuss it on a decent 
>intellectual level. It was really the beginning of the end. We never dared 
>suggest DWJ for fear of what might happen.

i was in a really strange reading group for a period of several months. 
everyone in the group had different tastes, so the books we read were pretty 

cat's cradle by vonnegut
the left hand of darkness by ursula k. le guin
alias grace by margaret atwood
enchantment by orson scott card
norwegian wood by haruki murakami (this was my selection -- i debated DWJ 
but decided against it)

anyway, the discussions were weird. we all liked cat's cradle. no one really 
talked much about the le guin (i liked it -- it's the only thing i've read 
by her.) alias grace was split between complete silence or enthusiastic 
discussion... half of the group loved enchantment and half of it loathed it 
(i belong to the latter section.) norwegian wood was not the hit i'd hoped 
(even the other person on the list familiar with murakami was lukewarm about 
it). the list split up sometime shortly after that.

(i keep referring to it as a list as it was run as an ML, but it was all 
people who knew each other IRL -- we'd just mostly moved since we were 

it was an interesting experience but sort of disappointing and taxing as 


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