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Sat Feb 8 22:06:14 EST 2003

> Try correcting them with a sword. One of the reasons my book group
> disintegrated was that my best pal and I agonised for ages and then
> spent a  good deal of energy getting copies of Native Tongue by Suzette
> Haden Elgin.  We love this book; although it has flaws, it also has some
> great concepts  in it. Anyway, the rest of them hated it, and couldn't
> discuss it on a  decent intellectual level. It was really the beginning
> of the end. We never  dared suggest DWJ for fear of what might happen.

Native Tongue is great. I actually have a copy of Elgin's grammar of
Laadan (? is that the language's name? Er, it's been a while), even though
I know I'll never bloody get around to learning it. I read the sequel, The
Judas Rose, & thought it was good but not as good, & didn't bother to read
the third one because I've heard so many times how awful it is. Have you
read it?


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