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Sat Feb 8 21:46:16 EST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 22:02:37 +0000, hallieod at wrote:

>>  >>>"Better"???  :-)
>>>Oh puh-lease.  Do you *have* to use technical jargon like this?  ;-)
>>My apologies for not keeping the vocabulary down to your intellectual level.
>>I'll try harder next time.
>Ohhh, that'd be ever so nice, dearie.  Do you think you could maybe 
>not talk quite so much about books, while you're at it?  I mean, 
>they're grand for the kiddies and all, but other than that - well, 
>you know yourself.  Now, what's on the telly, that'd be much better, 
>wouldn't it?

Oh, that was nice.  I needed a really good laugh.  I wish I knew what you
looked like, Hallie, so I could picture you doing this old-lady routine....

>Well, I *was* going to say that anyone who's stupid or arrogant 
>enough to be oblivious to other drivers on the road, shouldn't be 
>driving.  But then Charlie brought in Thomas a Kempis, which said the 
>same thing much more impressively. ;-)
Oh, I don't think they should be driving either.  I just don't call them

We also have LONG discussions about how on earth these people got their
licenses without basic knowledge of the rules of the road.  For example.
For those of you not familiar with the US road system (and I say this in the
knowledge that I know nothing about other parts of the world except that in
some of them you drive on the other side of the road from ours, and maybe
other rules are the same as ours) anyway, the left-hand lane is customarily
the passing lane.  You don't drive in it for extended periods of time.  But
we're ALWAYS seeing drivers camped there like it's a picnic ground.  Then I
realized that *I* didn't know this rule until Jacob told me about it.  I
certainly didn't learn it in drivers' ed.  So I wonder how much
obliviousness is poor training--and in that case, how to correct it, because
that's just plain wrong.

Melissa Proffitt

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