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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Feb 8 20:51:23 EST 2003

>I think you're right.  I do love _Lirael_, but it's a lot looser in the
>narrative and lacks some of the tension that made _Sabriel_ so good.
>Granted that some of that is the difference in the plots; Sabriel gets
>thrown into danger immediately, but Lirael takes a while to seek out danger
>and throw herself at it.  :)  I didn't realize Nix was being pushed as
>anything other than a YA writer; it's certainly where all his books are
>shelved in our library.

Ours too. I often don't understand what makes one fantasy novel YA and 
another one "adult"; Nix's books are a lot more adult in writing and 
concepts than, say Mercedes Lackey, who seems to be classed as "adult". 
Lackey's books often have very young protagonists, so that can't be the 
determining factor.

>Have I ever mentioned that I chose _Sabriel_ for my reading group and NONE
>OF THEM LIKED IT?!?!  You can see they have some major flaws that I am
>trying to correct.

Try correcting them with a sword. One of the reasons my book group 
disintegrated was that my best pal and I agonised for ages and then spent a 
good deal of energy getting copies of Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin. 
We love this book; although it has flaws, it also has some great concepts 
in it. Anyway, the rest of them hated it, and couldn't discuss it on a 
decent intellectual level. It was really the beginning of the end. We never 
dared suggest DWJ for fear of what might happen.


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