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Sat Feb 8 17:23:37 EST 2003

>Melissa wrote:
>>  Have I ever mentioned that I chose _Sabriel_ for my reading group and NONE
>>  OF THEM LIKED IT?!?!  You can see they have some major flaws that I am
>>  trying to correct.
>Of my friends that I've lent _Sabriel_ to, all loved it except one close
>friend whose taste is very similar to mine. I was almost shocked that she
>didn't like it. When I asked her why, she asked, "What's to like about it?"
>So even when people like almost the same books, there are bound to be some
>exceptions. (I still don't get it, though. One day my friend and I must talk
>about _Sabriel_ some more.)

I didn't like _Sabriel_ the first time I tried it.  I was virtually 
certain it was just a mood thing even at the time, and sure enough, I 
loved it later.  Completely different experience with _Lirael_, but 
other than being relieved that I haven't been turfed out of here for 
not liking it, I haven't the energy to say anything else.

Hallie, who'd a (feverish) 12 y.o. in her bed last night.
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