Louise Fitzhugh (or not)

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> While on Louise Fitzhugh, I remember seeing a film once about two children 
> who hid inside the Metropolitan Museum for the weekend, and for some reason 
> I have it in my head that she was involved. Anybody got info on that?

"From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiller" (or close) I don't 
think it is actually by Fitzhugh but the styles are very similar if it is 
not. The books came out at about the same time, and both were part of the 
sylabus in my Children's literature class back about '67 or '68. (Since they 
were both on the list, I suspect that they may not have been by the same 
author.) I enjoyed it a lot and reas a numberof the authors other books for 
several years afterward. Most of them held up very well. Better than 
Fitzhugh's, iirc. (Ah, that's right, E. Konigsberg.)

Another author I discovered through that class was Zylpha Keatly Snyder. The 
Velvet Room, I think.

It was a really good class on straight childrens' fiction. But a real washout 
on fantasy. The example on the reading list was a portentious piece of 
claptrap called Knee-Deep in Thunder. Wrinkle in Time was the teacher's 
concept of science fiction. *sigh*
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