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> Hm.  Will I get drummed off the list in disgrace if I admit that I *like* 
> those digressions about how these people's lives work?
By no means. I think that it is laudable that she actually gives some salute 
to the kind of organization tthat goes into, say, supporting an army in the 
field in any kind of a decent manner. The recognition of the part that this 
kind of detail makes in building anything like a plausible depiction of 
living in any non-industrialized society in any kind of comfort is one of 
Lackey's very real strengths. 

But she goes overboard with the minutia. I think that a book that Lackey has 
in her that she is never likely to actually write, is a non-fiction 
exploration on the building of a plausible, enlighened non-industrialized 
society, exploring some of the alternatives as to whether the society has 
magical assistance available, or whether we are dealing with one where magic 
is not available to draw upon by humans. Examining the directions that such a 
society might run depending upon whether it is secular, or a theocracy. And 
how varying theologies or forms of nonmagical technology might affect the 
directions that the society and the process of living in that society might 
take. I think that it would be an interesting read and probably very 
entertaining as well. But she isn't likely to actually ever write it.

(While on the subject of armies, the third Deryni book caught a lot of flack 
from my circle from Kurtz having whole armies change sides overnight. Not 
just once, but twice!)
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