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Sat Feb 8 17:02:37 EST 2003

>  >>>"Better"???  :-)
>>Oh puh-lease.  Do you *have* to use technical jargon like this?  ;-)
>My apologies for not keeping the vocabulary down to your intellectual level.
>I'll try harder next time.

Ohhh, that'd be ever so nice, dearie.  Do you think you could maybe 
not talk quite so much about books, while you're at it?  I mean, 
they're grand for the kiddies and all, but other than that - well, 
you know yourself.  Now, what's on the telly, that'd be much better, 
wouldn't it?

>  >
>>Oh, bad drivers are RUDE, IMHO.  Well, except for Tom, of course.  I
>>think I'd classify rudeness as a serious disregard of other people's
>>feelings, so bad drivers are generally somewhere in a continuum from
>>rude to homicidal.
>That's Jacob's definition, but mine narrows it to an *intentional* disregard
>of others' feelings.  Hence the arguments, mine being that he can't usually
>tell whether someone deliberately cut him off or was just oblivious.

Well, I *was* going to say that anyone who's stupid or arrogant 
enough to be oblivious to other drivers on the road, shouldn't be 
driving.  But then Charlie brought in Thomas a Kempis, which said the 
same thing much more impressively. ;-)


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