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>>From: Rebecca Ganetzky
>>Another very good (but poorly subbed, IMO) anime is Witch-hunter Robin.
>so this goes somewhere?
Well, we haven't finished it, mind, and I've been told the ending is 
anti-climatic, but it definitely becomes less episodic and less 
"Let's go kill a witch.  Okay.  Let's go kill another.  Okay...".  I 
also think that it's quite well drawn and has more of a coherent 
feeling than a lot of anime.  (I also watched it at about the same 
time as Escaflowne, and they balanced well.)
The meta-plot introduced is quite interesting, although it's 
developing rather slowly, and we can't get our hands on the end 
episodes.  I would recommend sticking with it past the first few 
episodes, at least.  Wait until the "Piece of knowledge" plot is 
introduced before giving up.

>i watched the first three or four episdoes of WHR but i liked it 
>decreasingly each one. i felt like it just wasn't even trying to go 
>anywhere and had a very episodic flavor.
>i figured i'd give it another chance when it came out on DVD in the 
>US, since that's inevitable and i much prefer watching DVDs to 
>watching files at my PC... but i remained skeptical all the same.
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