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Sat Feb 8 12:03:39 EST 2003

>Oh. And as far as really great anime: holycow, Hikaru no Go! I loooove
>Sai. I've only watched about 15 eps so far, & I wish Akari wasn't so
>irritating & Hikaru so rude to her, but otherwise I really love it. The
>opening theme is the best! Not to mention the animation that goes w/it...
>who knew putting stones down on a game board could look so dazzling &
athletic? ^_~
Another very good (but poorly subbed, IMO) anime is Witch-hunter 
Robin.  Some of my friends and I watched the first 20 episodes in 
something like 3 sittings.  We're trying to find the rest now.  The 
series is very dark and...(needing an ObDWJ) have dwj-esque 
characters and themes that are never what they seem.
Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for 
eventually it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel
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