Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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> 3 - Doctor Who novelizations. This is probably
> coloured a bit by now being a
> Doctor Who fan (although in a fairly laid back way,
> I hasten to add). I
> really enjoyed getting the books from the library,
> and was rather
> disappointed on seeing the actual TV stories they
> came from, which simply
> didn't compare to how I imagined them. "Doctor Who
> Magazine" has an
> occasional spoof news page, and one of the stories
> on it recently was:
> Target novels forced to conform to Trade
> Descriptions act! They now must be
> rewritten to accurately describe what was on tv.
> "Part rubber, part
> green-sprayed clingfilm, the monster slowly wobbled
> towards the Doctor..."
> Heh heh.
I've been a fan of the TV series almost since it
started (I picked it up halfway through the first
series) but never realy got into the novelisations
even though they started quite early on. I do however
possess two copies of what I think must have been the
first Dr Who annual. On Dr Who there was a line on the
TV series "coupling" the other day about couches
listing one of their uses as hiding from the monsters
in Dr Who. I had a younger sister and one daughter who
did that, and there is a new generation of fans I see
a school who have discovered it on pay TV.


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