Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sat Feb 8 06:08:46 EST 2003

--- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at> wrote:
> Coming in late, but I just have to play!  But how to
> choose only five, even
> if I count a series as one choice?
> Well...
> Narnia.  Can't possibly leave the Narnia books out;
> my paperbacks were
> falling apart by the time I was a teenager, I read
> them so much (they're in
> even worse state now, but I bought myself a lovely
> 7-in-1 hardback with the
> PBaynes illustrations - *coloured* *by* *her*!  It's
> gorgeous!).
I never read these until I was in my twenties - I
don't know why I never discovered them earlier. I was
abit earlier with the Hobbit, my father had acopy, but
I was in my late teans before i actually read it, I'd
read everything else he had years earlier - things
like Percy Westerman (now there's a forgotten author).
My father's copy of the Hobbit was a second ed. from
the 50s with quite a different text in places to the
later, post LOTR edition. Later, at Uni a group of us
were creating a dramatisation of parts of the Hobbit
and we found we were working from three different
texts - someone else had a first edition which she'd
been given as child in the late thirties.

> Alice in Wonderland

How could I have forgotten this one!!! (and Through
the looking glass) (I knew I'd miss a few - but these
- oh the shame)

Jon (who indulged his passion for lengthy sagas today 
by buying the new Robert Jordan and the last of
Colleen McCullough's novels of Julius Caesar today -
Ghod only knows when I'll get time to read them)

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