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Sat Feb 8 04:53:15 EST 2003

--- johanna at wrote:

> However, there's some types of books (like heavier
> nonfiction stuff) that
> just aren't good commuting reading--either they're
> too taxing, mentally,
> for 8 AM on the subway, or the book isn't easily
> holdable w/one hand (the
> other hand holding the pole--I don't get a seat
> every day!). So I read
> those at home/on weekends, & indulge myself w/all
> the conveniently mass
> market paperback sf/f I want to reread while I'm
> zooming to work. ^_^

I read on the way home from work, but never on the way
to - this is because I walk. On the way home my feet
can find their own way - and I'm not usually in such a
hurry - also I use a different and longer route which
is rather safer. I'm sure quite a few of the kids and
staff at school have noticed this habit of mine, but
as I'm librarian I'm sure it hasn't done my reputation
any harm. As I have to watch for traffic I try not to
read anything too heavy (in the intellectual sense)


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