Le Guin font

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Sat Feb 8 03:52:36 EST 2003

> My copy with Ged halfway through his transformation to falcon on the cover
> is Linotype Juliana (the one with spiky full stops and commas), which is
> also used for my copy of _Charmed Life_ and Susan Cooper's _The Dark is
> Rising_ sequence. I just have the four-in-one EarthSea collection with me
> here, so I'll have to check later whether my copy of _A Wizard of
> is a '77 Puffin. How strange.

I'm looking at my three 1970s Puffin Earthseas (the Wizard has the same
cover you describe, from which you'd never guess that Vetch - it is him,
isn't it, holding the curtain open? - is meant to be black) and they're all
set in Linotype Pilgrim. But the Puffin Dark is Rising (similar date) is
Juliana, sure enough.


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