Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Caleb Caleb at
Sat Feb 8 03:47:27 EST 2003

5 favourites from when I was a child? Crikey. I'll have a stab, but I might
be a bit vague - i.e.  choose an author or series rather than an individual

1 - Enid Blyton. It'd probably be quicker to list what I didn't read of
hers. "The Mountain of Adventure", I think it was, was one of the first
books I read to make me scared to read on, with the wolves on the mountain
(that turned out to be alsatians really). I even set up my own "Secret
Seven" when I was around 8 or so, but a lack of any mysteries coming along
made it fizzle out. I took reading quickly to ridiculous extremes once, and
scanned a Secret Seven book in around 20 minutes. I don't think I've read
anything at all by her after the age of 12 or so, though, ever.

2 - The Chronicles of Narnia. My parents read through the entire series with
each of me and my sisters, and when I first read "The Lion, the Witch and
the Wardrobe" by myself I did so in one go one morning. Ah, wonderful books.
My parents gave me a hardback boxed set of the series for Christmas, and I
think they're going to make sure that none of their offspring leave home
without their own set. :)

3 - Doctor Who novelizations. This is probably coloured a bit by now being a
Doctor Who fan (although in a fairly laid back way, I hasten to add). I
really enjoyed getting the books from the library, and was rather
disappointed on seeing the actual TV stories they came from, which simply
didn't compare to how I imagined them. "Doctor Who Magazine" has an
occasional spoof news page, and one of the stories on it recently was:
Target novels forced to conform to Trade Descriptions act! They now must be
rewritten to accurately describe what was on tv. "Part rubber, part
green-sprayed clingfilm, the monster slowly wobbled towards the Doctor..."
Heh heh.

4 - I'm running out of clear-cut winners here. I'll say "Hexwood", because I
really did enjoy it, but if I hadn't got into DWJ since then I might not
have thought of it. I didn't understand it that well, but I loved how it all
came together at the end to make some kind of sense to me!

5 - My last choice. Hmm - Biggles, The Brain Sharpeners, The Weather
Witch... gah! The choice. Erm, ah - yes, of course! The Asterix books, how
could I forget? Part of the wonderful thing about them is how they work on
several levels, so I enjoyed them then for the story and some of the more
obvious jokes, and enjoy them now for that and some of the less obvious
jokes! :)

Toodle Pip,


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