Le Guin font

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Sat Feb 8 03:08:16 EST 2003


+ One of my strongest memories of elementary school is standing the 
+ library in 4th grade with this book in my hand for minutes at a time 
+ adming th cover: half man/half bird. 


+ when I finally bought a copy of this book myself years later [...]
+ I got a copy at a used book store with this cover.

+ This book is also the reason I have a small (very small) fixation on 
+ fonts: It uses linotype Pilgrim which is, hands down, my favorite 
+ serif font. This was the Puffin edition with a 1977 printing date. 

My copy with Ged halfway through his transformation to falcon on the cover
is Linotype Juliana (the one with spiky full stops and commas), which is
also used for my copy of _Charmed Life_ and Susan Cooper's _The Dark is
Rising_ sequence. I just have the four-in-one EarthSea collection with me
here, so I'll have to check later whether my copy of _A Wizard of Earthsea_
is a '77 Puffin. How strange.
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