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> On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:15:52 -0600, Ian W. Riddell wrote:
> >This book is also the reason I have a small (very small) fixation on 
> >fonts: It uses linotype Pilgrim which is, hands down, my favorite 
> >serif font. 

Anyone else find themselves unable to read certain books because of the 
fonts? That happened to me with the Weetzie Bat books, which everyone kept 
recommending to me. I could NOT read them at all until they came out in a new 
omnibus edition with a "normal" font. (I thought they were very impressive, 
but they weren't quite my sort of thing.)

There is a fad for sans-serif books (the Animorph books are in sans-serif), 
which drives me buggy, too. I *can* read those, but they make me itch a 

By the way, I think _The Long Secret_ is a brilliant book, and in some ways 
better than _Harriet_. Can't remember much about the Sport one at all, except 
that I was disappointed in it.

I still love Mary Poppins, they haven't gone off for me at all, but I read 
_The Railway Children_ to my daughter recently and thought it was vastly 
inferior to the magic books. I just couldn't bear all that brave little 
mother and brave little Bobby stuff. 

ObDWJ: has anyone compared this thread to the books that Tom sent Polly?

Helen Schinske
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