on games and ghibli

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 7 22:19:13 EST 2003

>Wow, now I'm REALLY impressed!  I use Gamespy all the time, mostly so I'll
>know what everyone else is so excited about.

^_^;; thanks. i've been working here only since late november of 2002. but 
i'm really liking it... before that, i worked for (and freelanced for) a 
variety of other publications.

>I (briefly) wrote for an
>online game magazine, but my inability to ever finish a game led to my
>quitting after only a year.  It was a very casual operation, and I didn't
>get paid except in review copies, but that was plenty for me.

cool -- do you have any links?

>On Kiki: Okay, I've only seen the American version, but Phil Hartman was a
>favorite actor of mine, and when I see Jiji it's more about remembering him
>than about the character, really.

yeah. i  do like hartman's performance, and i really like phil hartman as 
well, but in two ways i don't think it works. (a) it's got too many 
oneliners, which seem to grow old after a few viewings, and (b) it's very, 
very different than the character in the japanese version. i am not so much 
into radical reimaginings as part of a localization attempt. still, i think 
kirsten dunst is wonderful. i don't tend to watch anime dubbed (for a 
variety of reasons i won't go into just now) but it's one of my favorites 
all the same.

>I can't tell you how excited I am about
>_Castle in the Sky_ on DVD as well as _Spirited Away_, neither of which 

spirited away is great. i saw it once in the theatre, and i need to see it 
more to drink it all in.. i barely have a more coherent opinion of it than 
that. i've never seen castle, and i'm really looking forward to it.


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