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Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Feb 7 22:10:18 EST 2003

+ >Christian's xenosaga sounds closer.
+ http://www.gamespy.com/previews/december02/xenosagaps2/
+ killing two birds with one stone; here's a preview of xenosaga for those 
+ who're curious. it's written by me, so it also counts as self-promotion.

I had a look at some other reviews, as well. Most of them ignored the
aleph-artefact storyline completely, to focus on the glories of mech and
ether combat. Even you are a bit critical of the storyline's basic nature.

Given that I don't actually enjoy reaction-based gaming (the nerdy tracking
required in Xenogears to establish what you could accomplish actually sounds
more like my kind of strategic approach), could you tell me whether the
ability to punch out button sequences while twisting and cavorting the onscreen
characters to resemble epileptics on speed is integral to the gameplay? If it
is, it sounds more like a game I might buy for Archie, to watch him play it. On
a borrowed PS2, probably sparkymark's. (Don't worry, folks, this is par for the
course around here. I'm well known for my voyeurism and epiphytic tendencies!)
Then I get to enjoy the cinematic aspects and the story without hurting my 
wrists. If I weren't so bad at reflex-combat, I wouldn't have to do so much
of it to get anywhere in that sort of game.

Actually, one review mentioned that it was possible to sneak past (at least
some) combat. Traps are also intimated (I don't know if this is the same as
the surreptitious Boost system you mention). Ether talent and delegation and
sneaking and strategy: are these enough to save me from infighting? In real-
life RPGs, I tend to play psych people (both psychologists/psychiatrists and
people with psi powers), comms people (linguists/ programmers/ systems crackers
- not necessarily of virtual systems) and other networkers and to stay the heck
out of fights where possible. In the virtual world, I didn't mind my Pokemon -
optimised by my cold-hearted rearing - being my enslaved vehicles of strategies
designed to make other uberanimals "faint" and to humiliate their owners 
... but I think I understand irony, as well. 

You also say X succeeds _despite_ a heavy reliance on cinematics. hmm. True,
a game is not a film, and needs to be more immersive - but at least you say
it succeeds. My interest it still piqued.

+ review is due to be published next week. this weekend is going to be a 
+ xenosaga apocalypse.
ah. um. That provoked a slight fastidious flinch.

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