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Fri Feb 7 21:49:12 EST 2003

> Cowboy Bebop); you can have things like Hime-chan no Ribon (classic
> magical girl stuff but with a great underlying story);

Yeah, Hime-chan is the first anime I really dug--I didn't mention it
before because I wasn't sure if I'd get scolded for mentioning fansubs,
but since you did it first, I gather I'm ok. ^_~ The cool thing about
Hime-chan is that it's not classic magical girl in that the world isn't
ending, & she doesn't have to save it... it's just her going, "Wow, I have
this magic item that lets me change into anyone I want!" & living her life
with that. (BTW, I'd like to emphasize how dorky I am by letting you know
that I have a "Daichi-kun Fan Club" button ^_~ )

> better.  The main exception to this is: Gargoyles.  Imho, the very best
> example of american cartoon.  If you haven't seen it, watch it; surely
> some of you have seen it?

I haven't seen it, although you're not the first person (nay, not even the
first anime fan--& we're supposed to be a snooty bunch when it comes to
American animation) to recommend it. I may have to check it out, although
depending on when it's on, I may never get around to it or remember (I'm
bad like that).

Oh. And as far as really great anime: holycow, Hikaru no Go! I loooove
Sai. I've only watched about 15 eps so far, & I wish Akari wasn't so
irritating & Hikaru so rude to her, but otherwise I really love it. The
opening theme is the best! Not to mention the animation that goes w/it...
who knew putting stones down on a game board could look so dazzling &
athletic? ^_~

P.S. And now that we're talking fansubs: Full Moon wo Sagashite & Gakkou
no Kaidan, too.

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