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> That doesn't sound stupid at all.  You won't know what doesn't need to be
> there until you're done; wouldn't it be worse to under-write and then
> discover you needed to pad something else out?

The stupidity comes in because I have damaged my tendons by 34 years of
determined typing... if I hadn't written all those excess 100s of 1000s of
words, I might be still OK. :-(

On a lighter note, I have been logging my character names used over 27 years
or so... I have used more than 800 surnames and have about 1600 named
humans - not "Mr or Mrs or Ms", but having a first name. Of these, 950 or so
are unique names, the rest double-ups.  There are 339 named animals, of
which 312 have unique names.

And that's just in my published books.

The resulting list is at and I
have a frequency table ready to inflict on anyone interested...

To bring this on topic, do you think the Wikipedia will eventually have all
the named characters in DWJ's books listed? I'm horribly tempted to start
listing... but that would mean reading the Dalemarks and locating a few
books I've never found...


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