Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Fri Feb 7 21:30:15 EST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 13:19:25 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:

>Re: Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)Can Widdy - or anyone - explain what sort on name "Ole Golly" is? I could never make out if "Ole" was a nickname, a first name or an insult...

Ole is an elision of Old.  "Old Golly."  It's probably an affectionate
nickname.  I'm getting into trouble here, because I haven't read it for so
long, but I remember that in the first chapter, Harriet meets Ole Golly's
mother and refers to her as Mrs. Golly.  But it's never made clear whether
this is her real name or a mistake on Harriet's part.

I still love this book.  My daughter read it for the first time last year
and I don't know what she thought of it.  But I will always adore it.

Melissa Proffitt

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