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I just had to put in a word for CCS: it's so adorable, and so great, and
so happy inducing.  The second movie is available in a fansub that's
Really Bad and therefore Really Funny.  The dubbed-for-Western-tv version
is painful.

on that note, may I reccomend a site? has a few Really Funny
examples of Asian-style English (I picked up some while I was in japan ;)

I understand the monster of the week criticism of Sakura (and shows like
Wedding Peach and Sailor Moon); but I think that one of the great things
about anime is that it varys so much.  You can have things like Trigun,
which is funny and yet develops (usually listed in the same subgenre as
Cowboy Bebop); you can have things like Hime-chan no Ribon (classic
magical girl stuff but with a great underlying story); you can have things
like Fruits Baskets (which made me cry once because it was so sad but is
also hilariously funny); and you can have things like Fushigi Yugi (long,
involved drama full of character relationships) and they all fit in the
category of anime.  I have, of course, not even touched on a lot of
things; but I was always a comic book fan not willing to get into what
seemed an unfriendly fandom, and always a superhero junkie unfulfilled by
the simplicity of a lot of shows, and always a fan of cartoons, and so I
like anime.

There are good American cartoons, but they're few and far between--Batman
was awesome, but I never liked Batman Beyond as much.  Animaniacs was
clever, but lacked overall story.  Most of the stuff on tv makes me crave
the oppurtunity to go in, rewrite, and do it all over better.  The main
exception to this is: Gargoyles.  Imho, the very best example of american
cartoon.  If you haven't seen it, watch it; surely some of you have seen



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> > i went through a brief CCS phase but i can't get into straight magical
> > girl  stuff. too monster-of-the-week-ish. fancy lala bored me stiff. i
> > haven't  watched P9 yet; i'm waiting for the bargain rerelease which is
> > inevitable.
> Yeah, I find stuff like Magic Knights Rayearth to be unbearably
> monster-of-the-week, but then I heard that CLAMP did it as a parody of the
> genre, so I may re-watch with that in mind. Have you heard any
> confirmation of that theory?
> I actually think CCS has more going on than straight monster-of-the-week
> stuff, but it takes a bit to get going. And, yeah, I'll admit it, I am way
> vulnerable to Sakura's cuteness & her cool costumes. o_O
> Princess Nine DVDs have been selling for like $19 each--less used! That's
> not bad, imho... *hint* ^_~ This is, btw, the series that got me to start
> cosplaying. Heh. I don't know if I'm more impressed w/myself for sewing a
> (relatively simple, it's true) costume that looked decent, or just that I
> made myself actually finish it!
> > yes, but the great thing about anime is that its fanbase is increasing
> > in  diversity, instead of shrinking. cons are attracting a wider variety
> > of  people with different interests and different aspects and levels of
> > fandom.  instead of sci-fi cons and (especially) comic cons which are
> > stagnating and  losing numbers, anime cons are growing every year and
> > the different variety  of shows is thus increasing as well. this is why
> > anime is so rich and  rewarding to be involved with as a fan. my friends
> > and i who like anime  don't fit these fan stereotypes and it's great.
> > the comics industry is dying  because it's all but shrunk to just people
> > who wish they could be part of  it. anime has an ever-increasing
> > audience.
> Yeah, my friends & I who like anime don't fit the stereotypes either--else
> I wouldn't be friends w/them. ^_~ The thing to me, though, is that it
> seems that while the fanbase as a whole is increasing in size, it's
> largely still the same old people who are on mailing lists, forming anime
> clubs, & going to cons. A large part of the fanbase just watches the
> anime, y'know? So if you're not interested in consuming your anime in a
> vacuum, you still run overwhelmingly into the bad things. I hope that will
> change in the future. I know it has to some degree--Shoujocon's existence
> is evidence of that (although there's still lots of Asian fetishization
> going on).
> Another thing is that it seems most of anime fandom is VERY unwilling to
> hear critiques of the genre--more so, certainly, than I've experienced in
> sf/f fandom. Bah.
> Johanna
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