Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Fri Feb 7 18:43:32 EST 2003

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:15:52 -0600, Ian W. Riddell wrote:

>This book is also the reason I have a small (very small) fixation on 
>fonts: It uses linotype Pilgrim which is, hands down, my favorite 
>serif font. This was the Puffin edition with a 1977 printing date. 
>I'm not sure if this edition was available in the US - I grew up in 

I have a small fixation on fonts as well, though for me it's actually a
particular font for a particular book rather than one certain font.  I've
been slowly acquiring copies of my very favorite books in the Right Font and
binding, because if I get that combination right, the effect of reading the
book is overwhelming.

It's also a little strange to open a new book and find an old favorite font
looking back at me.  I think I'm more open to enjoying those books for that
one thing.

>Is anyone else constantly torn between the desire to reread 
>favourites and read new books?

I always feel a responsibility to read new books first, and if I'd rather be
reading an old book, I get cranky.  A few days ago I was seized with a
terrible urge to re-read the entire Vorkosigan saga while I was in the
middle of two other books.  This is why I love owning my own library.  I
don't have to worry about returning the books, or renewing them, or anything
like that.  I bet if I bought _The Eyre Affair_ I'd read it immediately.

Melissa Proffitt
still slogging through _Lirael_

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