tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 7 17:24:07 EST 2003

>Just to draw some of the fire from Christian (possibly, or else no one 
>will give a fig), I recently read _Lirael_ and was very disappointed in 
>it, after _Sabriel_.  One of my reasons was that I felt it desperately 
>needed a good cutting, and would have been much better a couple of hundred 
>pages shorter.  It wasn't my only problem with the book, mind you, but I 
>still think would have annoyed me even without the others.

I think you are right about the cutting. One of the things that was so 
magnificent about Sabriel is the integrity of the story. It is just the 
right length, and it is a complete story: you don't expect a sequel. I get 
the impression with Lirael/Abhorsen that it was going to be one book, but 
that it was a bit longer than Sabriel, and that Nix's editor/publisher 
suggested that it should be two books. (My impression comes both from the 
text, the length of time it took for the book to come out and things Justin 
at Slow Glass told me.) This necessitated some padding, and explains why 
Lirael doesn't really have an ending. I don't think I can really judge 
Lirael as a book until I read the sequel. Or rather, that Abhorsen will 
probably change my opinion. I am waiting breathlessly for my copy to arrive.


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