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Jodel wondered...
> (I mean, how *else* do you explain how Mercedes Lackey manages to
> pull off those half chapter at a stretch digressions on the fabrics and
> plumbing arangements and the administrative minutia which underpins and
> enables her noble military and virtuous public servants' comfortable
> lifestyles?)

Hm.  Will I get drummed off the list in disgrace if I admit that I *like*
those digressions about how these people's lives work?  The last Valdemar
novel I bought was "Burning Bright" (don't know if there's been another one
since then); I don't think an awful lot of the story, but I love to reread
the first half or so of the book (before the characters go "out on the
road") - just for all of the setting details of how life works in this
world.  Likewise "The Serpent's Shadow", which Melissa was so scathing about
a while back.  Her criticisms are all valid, but I did still enjoy the
descriptions of turn-of-the-century London life.  I *like* to know about the
plumbing and the mending and where the markets are and what the school is
like and so on.

As a writer, Ms. Lackey has her faults, and is, of late, displaying them a
lot more than I think she did in her earlier books, but I do think she has a
great feel for setting, even if she does put in more setting detail than
readers other than me actually want. :-)

Just my tuppence-worth...

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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