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Tanaqui said...
> A fat book like _Perdido Street Station_ needs every one of its words, and
> is also a joy to read, but I would never dream of attempting to push it on
> someone who didn't have much time to spare for books that don't deliver a
> hit as fast as games or anime

See, now, I'm gonna differ on this one.  I have no objection in principle to
Great Long Books, but I was *very* disappointed by "Perdido Street Station".
I bought it on the (possibly foolish) grounds that Mr. Mieville shares my
opinion of Tolkien, so I thought that he might write a book that I would
like.  But I found the prose too longwinded for my taste, the characters
utterly uninteresting, and the plot...well, I gave up somewhere around page
100 because I just didn't care enough about the characters to read on.  So I
can't really comment on the plot other than to say that nothing much seemed
to happen in those hundred pages.  Nothing that interested me, anyway.

But there you go, that's just me.  Many of my friends thought "Perdido
Street Station" was a wonderful book.  Many of those same friends do not
like, say, Guy Gavriel Kay's "Tigana" or Elizabeth Hand's "Waking the Moon"
(which I feel *must* be well written, because even though large bits of it
annoy me, I keep rereading it!), or anything by Barbara Hambly.  Or the 18th
and 19th century novels I love (I'm reading Samuel Richardson's "Pamela" at
the moment - 500-odd pages of rather small print! - and enjoying it

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