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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Fri Feb 7 15:31:24 EST 2003

Continuing to delurk on mailing lists for the most random reasons:

You insult _Xenogears_ and the rabid fans in that preview!  Bad
person!  Bad!  Bad!

No, I am not being fully serious, just living up to the rabid fan
stereotype of XG fans.  But honestly, XG is the best game I have ever
played in my life - not that I have played that many games since XG,
having been in college ever since playing it.  OTOH, I am largely
apathetic towards gameplay in games and, with only a few exceptions, play
them largely for the same reasons I read books or watch anime (you know,
plot, characters, themes).  And these things worked very well in XG, at
least in my ever-so humble opinion, especially the characters.  I freely
admit that the gameplay in XG was unbelievably, deeply flawed.  But
Miang!  And Krelian!  It may not have been a brilliant game, but it was
such a good anime/book!

	---Kyra, whose buttons are being pushed far too much for her "work
instead of writing to mailing lists resolution."  _Gatsby_ is also one of
my favorite books, but I will not go into that now, I will not go into
that now, I will not go into that now (unless someone asks me
directly. . . sigh).

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, christian nutt wrote:
> killing two birds with one stone; here's a preview of xenosaga for those 
> who're curious. it's written by me, so it also counts as self-promotion.
> christian.
> review is due to be published next week. this weekend is going to be a 
> xenosaga apocalypse.

"The night is dark; it just brings sorrow.  Let it wait."
				---Ray Davies (Kinks), "Days"

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