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christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Feb 7 14:53:00 EST 2003

>Kare Kano is fabulous, isn't it? & Fruits Basket (what I've seen so far).

karekano is completely amazing. fruits basket is very lovely.

>And Card Captor Sakura and Fancy Lala & a lot of other stuff (like
>Princess Nine, which -rules the school- & which most people either seem to
>have not heard of, or won't even give a shot).

i went through a brief CCS phase but i can't get into straight magical girl 
stuff. too monster-of-the-week-ish. fancy lala bored me stiff. i haven't 
watched P9 yet; i'm waiting for the bargain rerelease which is inevitable.

>The thing I find nearly intolerable about anime is, uh, much of its

yes, but the great thing about anime is that its fanbase is increasing in 
diversity, instead of shrinking. cons are attracting a wider variety of 
people with different interests and different aspects and levels of fandom. 
instead of sci-fi cons and (especially) comic cons which are stagnating and 
losing numbers, anime cons are growing every year and the different variety 
of shows is thus increasing as well. this is why anime is so rich and 
rewarding to be involved with as a fan. my friends and i who like anime 
don't fit these fan stereotypes and it's great. the comics industry is dying 
because it's all but shrunk to just people who wish they could be part of 
it. anime has an ever-increasing audience.


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