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Fri Feb 7 14:33:20 EST 2003

>>>>i believe (and i may be wrong) that there's no good reason for a book to be
>>>>more than around 500 pages.
>>>which, while still carrying the caveat that you could be wrong, represents a
>>>statement of universality.  The second part of this paragraph is better
>>>because, again, it's about your opinion:
>>"Better"???  :-)

Oh puh-lease.  Do you *have* to use technical jargon like this?  ;-)

>Besides, I already established the parameters of "good" and "better" in
>terms of this discussion.  So there.  ;)
>>>When you're asserting that books shouldn't be more than 500 pages, or that
>>>brevity is always better, you're being rude to people who prefer long books
>>>by effectively calling their favorite books bad.
>>Nah, I don't think that's rude.  Now DWJ, ranting about the length
>>and awfulness of the books she had to read for whatever award thing
>>she was judging - that was rude.  I'd have enjoyed it had I not been
>>cringing at the possibility that someone who'd written one of the
>>books would read her complaints and be devastated.
>Going further off topic, I think it's interesting what different people's
>definitions of "rude" are.  I didn't particularly see that rant as rude
>because I was imagining myself in her shoes, rather than the poor authors'.
>And Jacob and I argue about whether bad drivers are rude or not, because he
>focuses on the action and I focus on the intent.  Anyway.

Oh, bad drivers are RUDE, IMHO.  Well, except for Tom, of course.  I 
think I'd classify rudeness as a serious disregard of other people's 
feelings, so bad drivers are generally somewhere in a continuum from 
rude to homicidal.  (I exclude nervous older people and learners as 
well.)  Maree was flamin rude, much as I love her!

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