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Fri Feb 7 14:04:35 EST 2003

Eloise Jarvis McGraw is one of the last "official" Oz authors, too. Her 
"Moorchild" won the Newberry award, FWIW. I started reading it when I was in 
hospital after having Roi, and thought it pretty good, but never got around 
to finishing it - either because I was reading the Hebrew translation and I 
just don't read translated books as happily, or because the whole hospital 
experience was so miserable.

"The Moorchild" is about an elfin changeling trying to grow up among humans. 
I recently read another book with similar themes that I thought worth 
recommending here, "Cold Tom" by Sally Prue. I'm not sure it's widely 
available yet, I read a review copy. It's a rather short book, and each 
chapter is only about two or three pages long - almost like a series of 
scenes that join to tell a story, rather than an ongoing narrative. The 
perspective is rather interesting, and the take on what it is like to be 
non-human. I rather think Tacroy, coming from series 11, might have felt 
like this upon first entering the human world (unless he was a baby at the 
time? I don't remember...) And the Tam Lin ballad figures importantly into 
the story as well.

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