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Tanaqui tweaver at
Fri Feb 7 10:16:57 EST 2003

+ >>I can't think of a slow game that unfolds gorgeously. Maybe I 
+ >>should make one.

+ What about Myst and Riven?

Christian's xenosaga sounds closer. I shall ask my Industry friends, and
try to have a look at the actual thing, not being in possession of a PS2.
I really really can't afford to buy platforms and games in the hope of
finding something I like.

I bought a three-pack of Myst/Riven/Exile, though, on the recommendation of
one of said friends. Definitely worthwhile in my terms (being a hater of shoot
'em ups and reaction-based games even when they're as distinctive and original
as _Aliens versus Predator_: I can appreciate the talent which went into the
Aliens' navigation mode and I can even grasp that the jaw-punching into human
heads to regain health is clever and original, but...). The Myst world is not,
though, the sort of structural artwork I had in mind. It's more definitely
book-based than even the red/blue book plot might suggest. Some day I hope 
that my vague shape-concept will demand to be realised. I like working 
collaboratively, and I'm told by those Industry friends that they value my 
feedback and suggestions on their projects, but I need a creative imperative 
before I can start my own game project. All I have so far is that nebulous 
notion slowly coalescing... (oh, and a habit of playing with freeware tools,
though I can't see myself going anywhere with Mason).

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