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Fri Feb 7 09:34:19 EST 2003

I rather liked Gatsby when I read it when I was 16 or so--I have v. little
recollection of it now, & I suspect I wouldn't be so fond of it... but one
thing I know I still love is that he referred to basically all of Long
Island ('cept for the Hamptons) as the "valley of ashes." Growing up in
the suburban hell of Long Island, I heartily approved of that descriptor.

> i hear that has a good netflix-style service with a good
> anime  selection, but i haven't tried it out yet.

Oooh! I'll have to check that out--thanks for the heads-up.

Re: anime. I am a big fan. And, yeah, I know that it ISN'T all brainless
sex & violence (the attitude you decried in another post). I'm mostly a
shoujo fan, though--Escaflowne is about as robot-y as I get. ^_~ And yeah,
Kare Kano is fabulous, isn't it? & Fruits Basket (what I've seen so far).
And Card Captor Sakura and Fancy Lala & a lot of other stuff (like
Princess Nine, which -rules the school- & which most people either seem to
have not heard of, or won't even give a shot).

The thing I find nearly intolerable about anime is, uh, much of its
fandom. Ha! That sounds really cruel. But I get really disgusted w/some of
the attitudes of some of the fans--I'm sure you know what I mean, like the
ones who have schoolgirl fetishes & Asian fetishes. I was on a local anime
mailing list & got so put off by the near-constant sneering references to
cute Asian girls in school uniforms that I unsubbed. You can like anime
w/o buying into all that stuff, but sadly, a lot of fans seem to revel in
it. So I'm a fan, but very cautious about fandom.

Ack, now I'm paranoid that you'll somehow take that as directed at
you--which is absolutely not the case. Just more of a general rant since
we're talking about anime. ^_~


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