The Undying

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Fri Feb 7 06:18:37 EST 2003

Thinking about Cart & Cwidder (and indeed Dalemark) reminded me of
something that's been niggling at me recently -- the Undying.
What *are* they, really?  They start of just normal human beings, and
become demi-gods and some are even more godlike than that.  There seems
to be a correlation, in fact, between the godlikeness and whether or not
images have been made of them; though is it images, or the worship of
the images that does it?

And it also seems that, while only those decended from Undying can
become Undying, it isn't automatic; not all children of Undying become
Undying themselves.  What makes it happen to some and not others?
I was about to propose that it had something to do with becoming famous,
but that doesn't fit, because *all* of the children in The Spellcoats
became famous, but not all of them became Undying.

Yeah, yeah, the obvious answer is that it's just some genetic quirk, but
that isn't much of an answer...

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