more than 500 pages? (intensely off-topic)

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Feb 7 03:31:51 EST 2003

>Yes, it's all enjoyable, and I look forward to the sprawl of _Quicksilver_,
>but you could skip the "set pieces" like obsessional breakfasts, or the
>equally obsessional sexual quirks, without losing the plot. Now, I like
>Stephenson's set pieces, but _Cryptonomicon_ undeniably sprawls. There's
>even maths to skip <insouciant grin>.

in reference to my earlier message, i think i'd rather read more set pieces 
than a dreary action sequence. =)

i've heard variously that i was Totally Wrong, there is no dreary action 
sequence, and that i was Completely Right, and it's a good thing i stopped 
reading because i just would have been bored silly. =) so i don't know what 
actually happened.

also, i felt like i knew where it was going. that might have just been my 
mind trying to give me a better reason to stop reading it, though. i feel 
vaguely guilty about stopping, so i think i'd probably pick it up again 

>I like my fast hits from games and anime as well... oh, and I do watch 
>Ghibli, _Lain_, and other slowish Japanese filmic art, so I know it's not
>all robots and psychic powers running amok in anime/manga!

you knew what would have been coming if you didn't say this, i can tell... 
anime's been striving for years to overcome the image of brainless sex and 
violence, so we're all still a little bit sensitive when someone suggests 
that's all it is after all. (not that you did, but getting anywhere near 
that territory can be nasty!)

i don't think the animatrix is going to help very much, although it's got 
some sort of brain to it as well, judging from the first one. it's pretty 
tawdry though.

to incorretly quote neil gaiman, <anime> is a medium that gets confused for 
a genre. (he was referring to comics originally.)

for everyone who has a region 1 (U.S./canada) DVD player, kiki's delivery 
service will be available on DVD from 15 april, along with spirited away and 
castle in the sky. ghibli goodness anyone can enjoy. i still think kiki has 
the most DWJ feel of the miyazaki films i've seen.

>I can't think of a slow game that unfolds gorgeously. Maybe I should make 

the japanese seem to have more of a grip on this than americans do. final 
fantasy x (PS2) is a wonder. right now i'm playing a game called xenosaga 
(also PS2) that is unfolding slowly but interestingly, but it sort of cheats 
because it has almost excessive use of non-interactive movies in it (i 
clocked one at 45 minutes, for example.)


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