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Tanaqui tweaver at
Fri Feb 7 02:57:34 EST 2003


have you read _In the Beginning Was the Command Line_ (non-fiction)? Neal
Stephenson's style makes his opinions about OSes a lot of fun... and it's
very clear that this is a personal slant. NS's apology for this? 
Essentially that, since OSes now run on metaphor, they're fair game for a
Writer. Love it.

The short story _The Great Simoleon Caper_ is more of NS's SF (since you
liked _Snow Crash_ and some of _Diamond Age_). It's also rather good, which
_The Spew_ isn't. Those are the only two NS short stories I found while net
trawling, and I converted them into little PalmDocs.
Tanaqui, who will someday extract her chat with NS from the minidisc recording
         and stick it on the Internet. Truly. There's a transcription somewhere
         but after _Interzone_ finally rejected it (and -alas- it was designed
         for them, so the interesting conversation happened the day before at
         the signing, and in the lift when I left NS's hotel room!) I lost
         interest and the text file noticed and promptly hid.
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