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Fri Feb 7 02:11:01 EST 2003

wish that hotmail had a bigger composing window.. it makes long responses 
hard. now, onto the show:

re: cryptonomicon, instead of putting it in a seperate post.

another reason that i gave up on cryptonomicon is that i didn't want to read 
another one of stephenson's patented Climactic Action Sequences. i thought 
the book was amazing in a lot of ways -- he's a wonderful writer -- but 
after reading zodiach (blah), snow crash (yay!) and diamond age (almost but 
not quite as much yay) i didn't feel like going through one of those again. 
they're a big boring failing of his, imo. that and the length. i just seem 
wired to put down any book if it hasn't finished after a certain period of 

>When you're asserting that books shouldn't be more than 500 pages, or that
>brevity is always better, you're being rude to people who prefer long books
>by effectively calling their favorite books bad.

i see your point. i apologize.

>I'm curious.  What do you usually review?

games. and anime.

games for money, anime for fun. that's more because it's super difficult to 
get a paying gig reviewing anime than games by a long shot -- and it's hard 
to get a paying gig writing about games. i'd rather write about anime; i 
think it plays to the strengths of my personality more. what few paying 
anime jobs i've gotten have been mostly filler/boring writing for a youngish 
market, because the industry isn't mature enough to have a variety of 
magazines or pro sites.

my day job is working for gamespy, a popular site for game information as 
well as services related to gaming.)

here's some recent stuff:
(this is the game i alluded to with the trite fantasy racism bits.)

a review of a bad game:

i think this review's pretty good:

this one isn't half bad:

i write for a site called anime jump! for fun. it is because i love both 
writing and anime. my output's slowed down recently because i've been busy 
with work.

i'm at the top:

personal favorite reviews of my own include:
brain powerd (mine's the one labeled "DVD", there are two different BP 
reviews), city hunter: the secret service (DVD), evangelion: the end of 
evangelion, his and her circumstances, the soultaker. feel free to read what 
you like. if you ever want anime recommendations i'm more than happy to 
listen to your tastes and try to come up with something you might like.

all of the reviewers for the site are talented, i think, so feel free to 
read others' stuff too. =) if you're looking for recommendations there's 
also a way to sort reviews by grade, which could be convenient if you're 
just looking for something to rent.

i hear that has a good netflix-style service with a good anime 
selection, but i haven't tried it out yet.


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