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---Original Message From: christian nutt
> i believe (and i may be wrong) that there's no good reason 
> for a book to be 
> more than around 500 pages. i find that's about as much as i 
> can stand and 
> still enjoy the whole thing, anyway. i prefer books in the 
> 200-300 page 
> range. i stopped reading cryptonomicon because it was just 
> too long (well, 
> there were other reasons, too).

Oh man.  I can't believe you'd say that as a rule for all authors.  What a
waste of good books.  Cryptonomicon was *excellent* and worth every word.
Your criteria would cut the number of my favorite books unconscionably (I
was going to indulge in hyperbole there, but refrained).  At least two of my
top ten all-time favorites are over 500 pages and I wouldn't be surprised if
it's more.  I mean, I don't want to rip on a personal preference or
anything, but I certainly deny any kind of universality of that sentiment.
A book should be as long as it needs to be to tell its story well.  No
longer, no shorter.  Some books are too long (anything by Goodkind...), but
that doesn't translate into all long books are too long.

Jacob Proffitt

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