Racism (was Re: Hugh Lofting)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 7 00:32:20 EST 2003

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at tassie.net.au> wrote:
> > Alterering that is the same thing as altering the
> > Bible.
> which is done all the time whenever the English is
> modernised... and I
> assume was also done when the thing was translated
> in the first place. I
> have a great affection for the King James version;
> it has a lovely rhythm
> that is lost in the NEL edition. IMO, of course. KJ
> reads aloud
> *beautifully*.

Different editions of the Bible are different
translations, not alterations of the original text.
New translations don't make half the disciples female,
alter the fate of the children of Ham, have the
children of Israel opening macdonalds in the cities of
the plain instead of obliterating them or change the
crucifixion into a scene where Christ is sent for
counselling, just because these things are more in
keeping with modern sensibilities. Although Monty
Python did have the canadian Bible with the Sermon on
the Mountie.
I too love the language and metre of the King James
version, but then perhaps I'm still under the
influence of a father who believed that the KJ vesion
was what God intended all long and was the only
"perfect" text of the Bible. 


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